Best $30 Earphones – Earphone Top Charts ( ETC )|

10 Nov, 2019 – Create a new list since our big list is getting bigger and longer, I need to segregate the list. Now with a really competitive price range, $30 range

Sub $30 / 1500php IEM Style Earphones

1/ Blon 03 – Crazy Value, Maybe one of the Best Value in Chi-Fi right now – $30 / 1500 php

Buy BLON 03 ➡️

2/ KZ ZS10 Pro – Well rounded IEM, good detail across the range, good bass – $30 / 1500 php ( Cheaper now so its in $30 )


3/ CCA C10 – Detail at the price range, good mids, nice signature, daily driver material – $30 / 1500 php

BUY CCA C10 ➡️

4/ Senfer DT6 – Fairly Neutral, Great Value – $26 / 1100php

5/ Yinyoo Ash – An upgraded ZSN Pro – $25 / 1200php

BUY Yinyoo Ash ➡️

4/ Yinyoo V2 – Balanced, and relaxed – $30 / 1500php

BUY Yinyoo V2 ➡️

5/ KZ AS06 – Vshaped but well done and detailed – $30 / 1500php

BUY KZ AS06 ➡️

See the whole Earphone Top Charts Earphone Top Charts ( ETC ) – Best Earphones List |


I won’t put earphones that I haven’t fully reviewed here in this list, so definitely if you have some suggestions on earphones / headphones that will be the ones in these list, let me know down in the comments, and I’ll be sure to look at them in my channel and do a full review. Also, as I mentioned, these list are based on my preference, so your choice may differ, but hopefully with this list, I can help you choose the right earphone for you.

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