Best $20 Earphones – Earphone Top Charts ( ETC )|

10 Nov, 2019 – Create a new list since our big list is getting bigger and longer, I need to segregate the list. Now with my favorite price range, $20 range

Sub $20 / 1000php Earphones

1/ NiceHCK DB3 – fairly neutral sig, slight u shape, crazy sig for under $20 iem, nice detail across the range – 950 php, $19

NiceHCK DB3 ➡️

2/ VE Bonus IE – Natural sound, punchy bass – 950 php, $20


3/ KZ ZSN Pro – KZ ZSN got even better, and the same price range – 700 php

Take the KZ ZSN, the top recommendation here in the channel, and make it even better. Good detail across the range, now acceptable mids, crispy highs, better imaging, and good looks. Definitely my top pick now in the price range.

BUY from Amazon ➡️

4/ TRN IM2 – Smooth and Fluid, One of the Most Relaxed Soothing Listens under – $20


5/ KZ ZSN – Daily Driver Material All Rounder and Better Built than ES4 – 700 php

Well resolving across the range, awesome build for the price, best KZ yet under $20 usd. Good for daily use, and general usage, good for any genre. Definitely a top contender.


6/ TRN V30 – KZ ZSN competitor, but more for bassheads – 1000php

TRN makes a KZ ZSN competitor, and it didn’t disappoint. It made also some tuning to make it different from the competitor specially for bassheads!

BUY TRN V30 ➡️

7/ TRN IM1 Pro – Monitoring that has some Fun to it

BUY TRN IM1 Pro ➡️

8/ TRN IM1 – Best Detail in the Pricerange, Not for everybody  – 1100php

Prolly my new favorite in the price range, but its not for everybody. Good detailed pair, but definitely tuned to be a monitor. Check out my review here :


9/ KZ ES4 – Daily Driver Material All Rounder  – 1000php

Whole spectrum is nicely done, all meaty and good body, no fuss sound. Not strident and quite balanced in approach, substantial bass and mids as well. Good for daily use def my top recommendation and an all rounder. Full review here :


See the whole Earphone Top Charts Earphone Top Charts ( ETC ) – Best Earphones List |


I won’t put earphones that I haven’t fully reviewed here in this list, so definitely if you have some suggestions on earphones / headphones that will be the ones in these list, let me know down in the comments, and I’ll be sure to look at them in my channel and do a full review. Also, as I mentioned, these list are based on my preference, so your choice may differ, but hopefully with this list, I can help you choose the right earphone for you.

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