Best $5 Earphones – Earphone Top Charts ( ETC ) |

5 April, 2021 – Create a new list since our big list is getting bigger and longer, I need to segregate the list. Now with probably the most popular range, $5 range!

Sub-$5 Earphones

1/ Sony MH755 Review – 150php / $3 – Natural Sounding and Cheap!


2/ KZ EDX – 250php / $5

One of the cheapest with removable cable and custom iem design. Dynamic driver and KZ Sound on the ear. Cool for the price.


3/ Xiaomi Piston Fits – 250php / $5

Xiaomi is now taking the crown back under $5 with the new Piston Fits! Balanced sound, good detail and incredible value.

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3/ QKZ CK5 – 200php / $5

Cheapest IEM under $5, definitely a looker, and a likeable sound as well. Overall a great package, something to really consider at this price range.


4/ Xiaomi Piston In Ears – 200php / $5

Good sound across the range, and acceptable build, and did I say its cheap? Check out my full review here.

5/ QKZ CK8 – 200php / $5

Dual driver at this price is outstanding, it has good clarity but the rest of the spectrum needs some work. Still notable though for the price. Check out my full review.


See the whole Earphone Top Charts Earphone Top Charts ( ETC ) – Best Earphones List |


I won’t put earphones that I haven’t fully reviewed here in this list, so definitely if you have some suggestions on earphones / headphones that will be the ones in these list, let me know down in the comments, and I’ll be sure to look at them in my channel and do a full review. Also, as I mentioned, these list are based on my preference, so your choice may differ, but hopefully with this list, I can help you choose the right earphone for you.

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