NFAudio have been impressing me so far with all their releases. Good performing IEMs, well-packaged at that. Is the NFAudio the Ultimate All-Out Live Monitoring Dynamic IEMs? Let us find out.


  • Dual Cavity Dynamic Driver
  • 10 – 40kHz
  • Max SPL : 125dB
  • 18ohm Impedance
  • 2pin 0.78mm Silver-Played OFC

Build and Wear

Wear is really great on this, they are like custom IEMs on the ear for me, has some fins which makes the fit really stable, and that ear hooks as well so even if you are on stage this won’t fall of your ear.

I like how light it is as well, it almost disappears on your ear. Especially with that smaller design, and a Single DD configuration, wear on this is really great. Another small IEM that reminds me of this is the Tinhifi T1s.

Build quality though, left to be desired, all plastic in build quality and the cable can be subpar especially in this price range. It is nice that it has a see through design though since it will be less noticeable on your ear, but still, more premium materials are welcome here. Well, you might need to upgrade to the plus version if you want an all metal build.

NFaudio NM2 Black
NFaudio NM2 Black

Sound Quality

Going to sound quality, these definitely has that monitoring vibe to the sound. Lots of clarity and extension, deep impactful but quite fast bass, and clear vocal presentation.

Bass – One of my Favs for the Price

Bass is definitely the highlight of this. Impactful yet controlled. Quite quick as well without being anemic to listen to. Extends deep as well in the sub-bass region. I would say one of my favorites for the price.

If you are going to do some Drum monitoring or Bass as well, this will work nicely for you. Great bass overall.

Mids – The Weakness, but just ok

Meanwhile, the mids are just soso for me for the price. They are quite in the clean side of presentation, and very clear as well. Though these are a touch recessed in the mix, and not the highlight as well.

Sometimes I do find the vocal can be too deemphasized in the mix. I would say not super bad, since there are more U shaped IEMs, but definitely this is something to consider. This won’t be for vocalheads.

I do like though that even if vocal can be quite revealing, and bright as well, there is no shoutiness in sight.

Highs – All out extension

Going to the top end, all out extension here, if you check out the signature, you get that maybe 5 to 8 db extension on top with that double horns. This gives the topend, lots of clarity and shine.

For guitar monitoring, acoustic monitoring, and drums as well this will be very nice. I don’t encounter hotness as well in the presentation, so even if they went all out in the treble, these are not harsh which is definitely nice.

I do need to say though, that you need to use warmer to neutral players on this, because more engaging players might introduce some fatigue after some time.

Another con for me, is micro detail and nuance is not as much compared to your multi driver counterparts. That dynamic driver is not the fastest overall.

Technicalities – Pretty ok

Soundstage not that big, separation not so good as well because of that smoother presentation, microdetail not that much but there is a touch here, but tonally natural to listen to.


NM2 Teal vs NA2+ Purple Measurements

NM2 Teal vs NA2+ Purple Measurements
NM2 Teal vs NA2+ Purple Measurements

Where to Buy

Buy from Shenzhen Audio ➡️


My Rating

These are cool actually, I like IEMs with a USP ( Unique Selling Point ), and I like that they went all out for monitoring and they are pretty good at it.

Tight bass, lots of clarity, natural tonality, and great fit on the ear, lots of things going for them. If you are looking a monitor type of sound, and something you want to use for some live monitoring as well, this should be in your top list. This goes to me as recommended.

Video Review

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