Is the Dierya DK61 a good quality keyboard on a budget? Let us find out!

Before that big thanks to mechdiy for sending this over, if you want to get one buy it from here.


  • Optical Switches (H&J)
  • ABS Keycaps
  • RGB Lighting
  • USB-C Connection
  • Hotswappable Board
  • 4 Profile Layers w/ Programmable Macros
  • Price point $60

In the Box

In the box you are getting the keyboard, braided L cable, keycap puller and a switch puller as well. I wish there was at least additional modifier switches, but yes you get what you pay for.

Build Quality

Build is actually surprisingly good. It has some weight to it, and definitely heavier compared to my other keyboards in this price point. Even heavier compared to my Vortex Poker 2.

I would liken it closer to maybe a ducky build quality and that is impressive given that this is half the price.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard
dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

The Keycaps

The ABS Keycaps shine through is pretty good, pretty thick as well for an ABS. It does sound pretty good for the price, I doesn’t sound hollow for me and it has a touch of thock. Feels still sturdy but yes won’t match up to any PBTs.

One issue though for me is, the symbols are not all lit in the caps. Like the function rows F1, F2 etc is not lit, so in a darker situation it is a bit harder to see.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

The Case

The case is angled around 10 to 15 degrees, but it doesn’t have adjustable arms. When typing this is actually almost the perfect angle for me, so I didn’t mind having a fixed angle, but still, it would be nice if you can adjust it.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

I also like the white keyboard base as well as it makes the RGB shine through a lot brighter. Maybe my only issue with the case is there is some finish checking at the side, maybe its a manufacturing thing, its not super clean out of the box.

The Optical Switch

Let us talk about this switches. Actually, first time I unboxed it, I was wondering what switch this is, because the box says its Red, but the switch color is Brown and it is Linear!

But going around and searching for it, this is an H&J Optical Switch, and yes Linear config. It is hotswappable as well and when you open it you can see how the Optical Switch mechanism works which is quite cool.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

Typing Feel

Typing with it, is actually impressive for the price. It is a touch more stable than your usual MX Red switches, less wobbly feeling when typing. It is definitely a different feeling compared to the usual MX Linears.

Which do I prefer more? I would say surprisingly comparing this to my MX Red switch, I do prefer the Opticals. It is smoother, less scratchy, the bounce up is better as well.

It feels like a more springy faster switch than my MX Reds. Moving back and from, this DK61 feels more responsive, and more enjoyable to type on. ( I know right I was also surprised ).

So even if this is what I would consider an oddball switch, it does type well for me.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

Typing Sound

Sound wise, it is as good as you can get in this price range, but nothing to right home about.

It is not the most pingy keyboard that I have heard, this is already definitely better in this price range, but the modifiers definitely needs some work, also the spacebar as well needs some work.

Typical alpha numeric keys are not too shabby I’d say, but still you have ping. Definitely you would need a lot of modding to get the thock that you are looking for. This will be very nice modding platform for me.

Keyboard Layout

I use 60% keyboards on a daily, mostly the Poker 3, but I have the HHKB, Minila, Poker 2 in my circulation. Layout is fine generally, but I find the arrow key position to be not fit my preference.

It is better than the HHKB though which is still more punishing, but I would much prefer having the arrow keys in the position same as the Pokers where it is in JKL.

Though otherwise, layout is pretty standard overall.

dierya dk61 mechanical keyboard

The RGB Lighting

I am not an RGB guy but the RGB does shine through bright in the key caps. You have a lot of options as well from breathing, christmas lighting, wave etc.

And I like the fact that the bottom plate is white so the light reflects well.


So for the Dierya DK61, I am quite impressed with this overall. Solid typing feel, very springy and responsive switches, sturdy feeling board and caps, and as good as you can have sound for the price. This is definitely the best $60 keyboard I have tried so far and just for that this receives good praises from me.

Just keep in mind that you will need to do some modding to get the perfect sound that you want, but other than that surprisingly good quality board for the price for me, and goes as recommended.

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