The TRN MT1 non pro version is one of my favorites in the budget range, and I was quite excited with the Pro version since it might give us better sound for the money. However, it is not the pro I was hoping for and let us find out why.


– 10mm Dual Magnetic Driver
– Circuit Moving Coil Design
– Semi-open acoustic cavitiy
– 22 Ohm Impedance
– 106db Sensitivity
– 20Hz to 20,000Hz in Frequency Range


I would like to keep this short and sweet, since this is just a slight refresh from the previous MT1. This is a slightly more fun, aggressive version of the previous one. More impactful bass, and also more prominent treble. More aggressive in the presentation as well overall.

Bass is impactful, has some boom as well and fun. Mids is clean, and treble is extended and energetic. This makes the IEM more lively, more aggressive, just more fun overall.

However, this introduces a lot of issues for me. First of all, this is too harsh now for me of a listen, the treble is too much on this. Also, I found the mid-bass bleed is too much for my liking that it bleeds to the mids. Also the vocal as well, i found unfortunately can be nasal to listen to, and hollow.

On the other side though, the stage is quite cool overall, and might be a touch better technicalities over the previous.

However overall, I didn‘t like the presentation here, and I do even prefer the older and even cheaper MT1.


MT1 Pro Magenta vs MT1 Teal

Where to Buy?


Overall, this is a tough sell. TRN has a hit or miss sometimes, and this is one of those misses. There are a lot of other IEMs in the price range I will recommend before these.

I would go with the older TRN MT1, KZ EDX, KZ EDX Pro, CCA CRA over these.

Short and sweet impressions for you guys, but yes I am still looking forward to the real MT1 replacement. Hopefully we can see brands competing in the same price range again.

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