This actually might be my first entry on the channel that talks about updates on the site. But yes this is zpolt and we are actually doing a massive upgrade to this site. I am overhauling the whole theme of this site, and now introducing more categories, making it more of a magazine style format.

I am now studying some techniques in how to make the site look nice, index well in google searches(SEO), and adding features that can make it more usable. I am doing all this because I would like to make content in this site independent of my youtube channel.

I actually have hidden written reviews on a lot of IEMs, and they never see the light of day. So I thought why not just release them anyway as blog posts, and so I can link the measurements here as well for your consumption. There are some who wanted to get the measurements in image form and this will now be the platform for me to share that. And maybe even a squig link in the future.

Anyway, this is just a short update on this, and I also just honestly like to try out some new tools that I installed so it is 2 birds in one stone. You will hear more from me on this site in the coming days. Expect though that some parts of the site won’t work well in the next days, but rest assured it will be fixed.

That’s it for my update! Any suggestions on how to improve the site just let me know.

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Audio and tech reviewer, focuses mostly IEMs, headphones and mics especially value oriented ones. More than a reviewer, I am an enthusiast first, and I find it fun looking for the unique selling points of all the gadgets.

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