Soundpeats is being recommended in the community left and right and it’s exciting to check out one of their pro versions mostly in the sound quality! And the Soundpeats Mini Pro is an ANC that checks a lot of boxes.


  • Hybrid Noise Cancellation & Transparency Mode
  • Bluetooth 5.2 APTX – Adaptive
  • Clear Call Guaranteed by CVC 8.0 Noise Reduction
  • 7 Hours Single Playtime & USB-C Charging

Build and Wear

Build quality is solid especially for the price. Case has some heft to it, the the lobes nice looking overall. I also like the matte color finish. Maybe my only gripe is sometimes, you need to do some fiddling around to put the lobes in the case.

Fit is more than your typical wear on the ear. Quite comfortable and frankly a touch more snug than your usual TWS so the stability is great, albeit not for exercising.

soundpeats mini pro sound peats
soundpeats mini pro top down, led lights up


ANC works well, great actually. Its the better quality ANC tech around. Calls though, in a quiet environment it works fine. However, when you use it in a noisy environment, understanding you can be quite a chore.

Connection is stable, I didn’t encounter any issues even outside where there is busy wireless traffic.

Sound Intro

Firstly, its more of a fun pair, a bass-U presentation, very engaging to listen to. I did enjoy this a lot for some pop, edm, hiphop tracks. This is more of a casual listening pair. Very entertaining to listen to.

Bass 4.1 Rating – Big Boy Bass

Bass is really impactful, can be for bassheads, has some boom as well, fun bass overall.

However it does have some mid-bass bleed, not the most technically capable bass. But for some fun, very ample bass.

Mids 3.8 Rating – Quite Revealing

Vocals, revealing, full, and nicely positioned in the mix, might have some harshness, positioning is lower in the mix as well as what I would like. Definitely for a TWS this is a good sounding mids.

Highs 3.75 Rating – Okay for a TWS

Treble, fair extension but wont be competing with your monitor top end, has some thinness in the presentation, and can have some harsh presentation as well sometimes.

This is the weaker part of this presentation for sure. For treble heads you should look elsewhere.

Technicalities 3.9 Rating – Okay for a TWS

Not much detail, okay stage, not much separation as well, but pretty good tonally. It is about what you can expect for a dynamic driver in this price range.

soundpeats mini pro full on
soundpeats mini pro full on

Verdict – 4.0 Rating

Soundpeats Mini Pro, this is a pretty solid TWS which checks all the boxes. You have a feature packed TWS with ANC, APTX, Bluetooth 5.2, and a very easy to like Sound Signature, big bass with nice fun.

It won’t please the treble heads and the neutral heads though, but for those who like that bass and fun in your life, this is a TWS that should be in your short list!

This actually goes to our favorites list as well.

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