The brand Tanchjim has been impressing me so far with all the IEMs I have listened to from them. This is exciting because this is the cheapest one so far we are going to check out.


– DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver
– Lightweight and Comfortable Experience
– Aerospace-grade Aluminum Face Cover
– Transparent Resin Cavity Structure
– Dustproof and Waterproof
– 4N Silver-Plated OFC Cable
– Priced at $35 to $45

Build and Wear – Punches Above Its Weight!

Very impressive build quality, punches above its weight. Precise design, and nice metal enclosure as well. Lightweight to the ear, feels like its nothing on the ear. Ear hooks makes it very stable as well, albeit fair isolation.

This won’t be something you will use for live monitoring situations. Just one con on the fit is its not as fast to wear the first time and get a good fit, but after you got it, it stays on the ear pretty well. Also, the blocky design is not the most comfortable as well.

Cables are fine, quite silky, but not the thickest, but does the job well.

tanchjim ola close up
Tanchjim Ola Closeup. That looks nice.

Sound Quality – Refreshing Sound, Unique in the Price Range

Best I could describe is this quite open sounding and a clean balanced sound, reminds me a lot of the Moondrop Kato honestly but of course this is the younger brother version.

This is also a warm neutral presentation to the ear. I like how its tuned to have really good vocal positioning, tight controlled bass, and controlled top end.

Presentation is not overly aggressive as well, fairly relaxed, maybe something nearer to a reference type of sound but this is still a bit more engaging. Clean presentation as well and tight.

Definitely not something you want for some fun, this is more of an enthusiast sounding pair. Actually, some people might find this boring.

Bass 4.2 Rating – Yes for Enthusiasts

Bass is nice on this. Honestly again reminds me of more expensive pairs. Very Moondrop or Tinaudio bass for me. Quite tight in the presentation, good weight, very minimal mid bass bleed.

This is might be a touch less in your face compared to a moondrop type of bass. Yes for enthusiast, but not for bassheads.

Mids 4.2 Rating – One of my Favorites

Vocal positioning is one of the best I’ve heard in the price range, rivals again some moondrops like the likes of the SSR, it still doesn’t have the openness of lets say a Dunu Titan S, but for the price point this is already very prominent.

Vocal presentation is quite neutral warm, with some micro detail to boot. It does have some maybe glassy quality to it though, not the best tonality but still for the price pretty good overall. Also, I did encounter a touch of shoutiness on some tracks, albeit not all.

Highs 4.0 Rating – The Weakness

Top end, good parts is treble is controlled, not harsh to listen to. Fair extension, you are getting up to some 12k. However, that slightly recessed top end, around 3 to 4 db does make some parts of the spectrum more back in the mix than what I’d like.

Like some cymbals, positioning can be a recessed. For treble heads, this might not fit you.

Technicals 4.1 Rating – Fair for the Price

Some micro detail to boot, even for a dynamic driver the presentation has some speed which nice, stage above average, and tonality as well nearly there.

Separation is above average as well, due to the above average stage and fairly clean presentation. Overall impressive for the price


Tanchjim Ola IEM Diffused

Tanchjim Ola Measurements IEM Diffused
Tanchjim Ola Measurements

Tanchjim Ola Teal vs Moondrop Aria Purple

Tanchjim Ola vs Moondrop Aria
Tanchjim Ola vs Moondrop Aria

Tanchjim Ola Teal vs Tanchjim Echo Purple

Tanchjim Ola vs Tanchjim Echo


My Rating

The Tanchjim Ola is very nice for the price for me, not perfect but it checks a lot of boxes. Top notch build quality, enthusiast tuned with very nice vocal, and nice technically for the price.

If you are a fan of dynamic drivers, and looking for a good proficient IEM you won’t go wrong with this. Just consider the top end recession, if you are a treble head maybe look elsewhere. But overall score, 4.2 star rating for me. Recommended and one of my favorites in the channel!

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