The Moondrop Aria 2021 edition, or so we dub the Dark Arias have been making waves in the community for being one of the more nicely tuned for the price. But how is it different and is the Moondrop Aria Snow the more shiny aria?


– Newly updated 10mm dual-cavity dynamic driver
– High-quality performance with new DLC diaphragm
– CNC-milled metallic ear cavities
– Follows the VDSF target response curve

Build and Wear

Build is better than the Dark Arias, but wear and overall fit is the same. Arguably, looks I still like the more muted look of the previous but this is personal preference.

Arias have a very safe shape and a lot of people will like the wear on this. Package is cool as well, has a nice case, and the cable is ok for the price though not something to write home about.

Sound Quality – The More Reference Arias

Moving on the the sound, we wouldn’t have a review on this without a comparo with the previous. These are more enthusiast tuned, or audiophile tuned over the previous arias.

The arias has a more fun presentation overall, and these, more reference or cold over the previous. Does some parts better over the dark arias, albeit on some areas I still prefer the previous one.

Bass – Enthusiast Grade Bass

In the tight side, goes relatively deep, and is definitely more toned down than the previous. Impact is less a lot less as well over the previous one. No mid bass bleed.

I like that because of this, it makes separation on this better over the dark arias.

However, i do find that there is still some maybe woofiness in the bass presentation. There is some slowness to the decay that is worth mentioning. It is still not the tightest and most technically prominent bass I have heard.

Mids – Different but still Love It

Mids are great on this, one of the unique selling points of this. Because of this new tuning, and also more controlled bass, the vocals here just shine.

Nice vocal separation, tighter presentation, cleaner as well, and the vocal here are actually more revealing to listen to as well over the dark arias. This remind me a lot of the Kato, or Dunu Titan S, or maybe even the Tanchjim Ola. I would say this is the highlight now of the Aria presentation and I love it.

However, one thing to consider is that, I do find that one some players and some tracks, this new more revealing presentation might introduce more shoutiness in the overall presentation. I do recommend warmer or more neutral players to partner with the snow arias.

Highs – So Clean

Going to the top end, this has a lot of similarities compared to the previous aria. Good extension on top, you are getting that 12k extension so lots of treble to throw around, but much like the previous dark arias, there is a 9k dip that controls the top a bit more.

But comparing to the previous arias, the top here is more controlled for me, a little bit less aggressive to listen to. Body in the cymbals is good as well though yes, less than the dark arias still.

If there is one issue here, is the note weight is still lesser here compared to the dark arias, albeit it is not that big of an issue for me compared to other IEMs.


Stage is above average, in the bigger side, separation is very good due to the cleaner and tighter sound overall, detail is similar to the previous arias, not that nuanced for me.

Overall sound wise, this is great yes, even with the downsides. It is still a very cohesively done IEM.


Aria Snow Teal vs Dark Aria Magenta

Aria Snow Teal vs Hidizs MS2 Magenta

Where to Buy?

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The previous Dark Arias is one of the most popular moondrops, and this is another one of those that will be popular with the community specially those looking for an enthusiast grade sound.

Closer to a reference sound, tight presentation, great separation, this will be really popular with the community.

Is it an upgrade over the previous arias? I would say not quite, this is more of a side grade in the grand scheme of things. If you like reference go for this, if you like more low end go dark arias. Either or you won’t regret it.

But yes overall, I like this new Snow Arias, it is definitely a top contender in the price range, and going to go to one of our favorites as well in the channel.

Video Review

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