This will be just a quick update on the website from our first update. I like to record maybe a history of my upgrades on the the site that is why I am writing blog posts about it. Here are the site upgrades so far.

1. We Added a Merch PageVisit Merch Page Site

zpolt Merch Store Front
zpolt Merch Store Front

Yes, so we had one before but its meh, this time, I used my art and a bit more stuff related to the channel on the merch. I added my art from my personal art page Art Z. And we also added some new taglines that resonates with me personally as an Audio Enthusiast.

The merch store is managed by Teespring, so I don’t deliver or make the merch myself, but definitely the earnings there will help the channel. I tried to make it as low priced as possible, the margins are already very low, because I want it to be on more peoples hands.

It is still under construction, but will improve as we go and figure out the merch thing.

2. We Improved the SEO

Improved Searchability Look
Improved Searchability Look

So the site is now searchable online, and I improved SEO as lot. I am managing the site from Google itself to see if we are getting better rankings. My goal is to be on front page at least of the searches especially for audio stuff.

With this I am still learning how to create an article that is worthy of a first page in Google. We definitely improved a lot from before, but of course we are still learning as we go. I realized it wasn’t that easy to make a really really good post that is worthy of Google.

There is some skill needed to accomplish it.

3. We Added New Categories

zpolt Site Categories
zpolt Site Categories

Okay, so we now have a lot of new categories. We have a tech category, we have guides where we will put our listicles or top 5 stuff, we have personal blogs like this, and we even have a keyboard category.

I plan to make this site have some variety, but still focusing on Audio mainly. I just love writing about other stuff as well, not just audio stuff.

The categories will help you guys as well in navigating the site easier. My goal is to be able to fill each category with at least 5 posts each, just so when you go there there are articles that will show up.

4. We are still Successful Doing Daily Posts…So Far

So far, since I am improving site searchability, I plan to do daily post just to train Google to crawl to our site at given time frames. This will help boost the site more in ranking which is beneficial for us.

With that I am trying to do daily posts, which I am successful still now for 7 days straight. Definitely for a beginner blogger that ain’t an easy feat, but so far I am able to handle it.

I do have a lot of ideas on articles to create, so that’s the good part. But its the execution where I need to spend time on that is the challenge. Though so far we are successful, *taps back*.

5. I’m having fun managing the site, though not easy

So far, managing the site is fun. I love learning and figuring out things and solving problems just is an enjoyable experience for me.

It is fun seeing the site traffic boost a lot the past days, and seeing the site as well grow in content every day. Apart from the backend stuff that I do keeping the site growing.

Boost In Site Visitors
Boost In Site Visitors

It is definitely not easy, though I guess I am a developer so it might not be as hard compared to other people, but definitely still very much challenging for me. Hopefully after all this, I already solved a lot of things and I can just focus on writing down the content.


Okay, so that is it for our short, but turned long update on the site. It is pretty fun so far and hopefully I can continue my streak.

Well, I also am having fun typing on my new keyboards, so that is a plus, this is just a typing test for me, but definitely stay tuned for our future updates on this site, especially on the Top 5 or ETC that will come soon!

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