Is the Tinhifi P1 Max the best P1 Planar yet? And if so is it enough to cut through our Top 5?


  • 14.2mm Planar Magnetic Drivers
  • Redesigned Acoustic Cavity Structure
  • Ultra-thin 2-Micron Aluminum Diaphragm
  • High-purity monocrystalline copper cable
  • Impedance 16ohms
  • Frequence Range 10Hz-20kHz

Sound Quality – The Best P1 Yet!

This is the 3rd P1 I have checked by now, and it is still has similarities to the previous ones.

Tight sound, fast, great micro detail, and compared to other P1s, this is my favorite tuned one.

Bright U presentation, 5k and 12k treble extension, fairly flat bass in the measurements, but translated to the ear these definitely has that planar slam.

Bass 4.4 – All About the Planar Slam

Bass is definitely the highlight of the P1 Max. In your face, deep sub bass, elevated in the mix. I would still say its not for bassheads for me in the quantity but definitely a lot to throw around, though very near that territory.

No mid bass bleed, very much controlled in the mix because of that speedier planar presentation. This might be the most in your face planar bass I’ve heard on an IEM. Very nice here overall especially if you are looking for an engaging bass presentation.

I love that you are getting that speed, while having really good slam. For fans of planar basses, you will love this presentation. This is the main selling point for me of this IEMs.

Mids 4.2 – Speedy and Clean

Mids is slightly recessed in the mix. It is also more in the clean side of presentation. I would say the vocal part is not in your face here, vocals are slightly in the background, but I like that there’s ample micro detail. That planar speed is definitely on here.

And also nice that there is no shoutiness in the presentation for both male and female vocals. But yes I didn’t like that both vocals are maybe too back in the mix for my liking. For vocal heads this wont be your pick.

Highs 4.0 – My Usual Issue w/ P1s

Top end is still very Tinhifi, well extended and elevated, bright and energetic.

There is ample shine on top, and forward in the mix as well. It makes guitars, acoustics, even some cymbals really revealing to listen to. Lots of air on top as well. This really opens up the signature of this so for some tracks that can utilize this kind of treble, this IEM just shines.

However, the big issue I have with P1s is that peaks on top, and unfortunately it still exists here. That peakiness makes some instruments like cymbals lacking in body for me in the presentation. It can be tinny to listen to.

However, this is the most controlled P1 already out of all the bunch I have reviewed. This is the best topend for a P1 yet, but yes it is still here.


Soundstage is not that big, its fair, separation is very good given that cleaner planar presentation. Detail is very good as well, with that speedier planar presentation.

The technicalities you can enjoy with planars are definitely here. Albeit I still find tonally I still prefer dynamics over this.



My Rating

I am bit torn on this, on the other hand, I like the bass planar slam, might be my favorite bass among other planars I’ve heard. Detail is nice, clean and fast. However, the top end peaky is there, and mids can have thin vocals.

So if you like an in your face planar bass, this can be for you, yes I love the bass.

However, I have reviewed a lot of P1s by now, and this adds to that number that they can be decent for some genres but won’t go to my personal top 5. This is the best P1 I have heard in this price range but still didn’t push through.

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