I was not able to check the Tinaudio T1 in the channel, so this is the cheapest tin I am checking so far. And this is very interesting because this has Beryllium plated drivers, might be the cheapest I have seen as well with this config. Let us see though if its any good.

Big thanks to Linsoul Audio for sending this over, get it from them from this link.


– 10mm Beryllium Plated Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
– 0.78mm 2-Pin Connector
– 10hz to 20khz Frequency Range
– 32ohm Impedance
– Lightweight Minimal Design
– Silver-plated Cable
– Priced at $20 to $25

Build and Wear – Bare Minimum

These are bare minimum in terms of build quality and package, it comes with a cable usual of this price range albeit silver plated, still not the most premium you can see, I would recommend changing it to at least an Yinyoo 8-core Cable or a Faaeal Cable.

The lobes are bare minimum, minimal design made of resin plastic, fairly ok quality for the price but not the nicest I have seen but it does the job. I do like the plain minimal design though, it won’t run out of style.

Fit on the ear is great, breathable, has some contours on the right places. And since it is very light on the ear, this is very easy to wear for a long listening session.

Overall for build and wear, nothing to write home about but it does the job. It’s obvious this isn’t the priority of this package.

Tinhifi T1s in Ghost White
Tinhifi T1s in Ghost White

Sound Quality – Blon-like but with more Shine

This reminds me a lot of the Blon 01s, your getting big bass at the bottom, quite impactful, some treble elevation as well on top. Though this is still less fun compared to the blons.

Also, quite smooth in the presentation, engaging presentation, warm-v type of shape. This is one of the most fun Tinaudios I have come across, maybe also reminds me of the Tinaudio T5s.

Bass 4.1 Rating – Big and Center

Bass on these are very upfront in the mix and big as well. It has that mid-bass hump that gives it a bit more oomph as well on the low end. This is definitely the highlight of this IEM.

It has slight boom as well, this is not the fastest bass. But the impactfulness and fullness gives you that ever so enjoyable bass. For bassheads, this can work for you yes.

On the flip side, this has some mid bass bleed, and the elevation might be a bit much for some people. My personal tastes tell me this is more than what I’d like.

Mids 3.9 Rating – Warmth in the Vocals

Checking out the vocal, this is more of a warm vocal presentation, reminds me of the Blon 03s honestly. Controlled, no shoutiness, positioning not to shabby but still quite recessed in the mix.

Quite full as well in the presentation. Maybe a touch of micro-detail in the vocal but I would say this is still quite close to normal dynamic drivers.

Overall though, mids is still a bit back in the mix than what I’d like, and this can have a bit too warm vocal presentation for me that some tracks, the vocals takes a back seat. Not for vocal heads I’d say.

Highs 3.75 Rating – That Recession on Top Though

Looking at the measurements, you are going to see that 12k extension, with that 5k slight peak as well, and that big 10k dip. Quite a lot of things happening on top, but lets say some parts are ok, and some are not.

Having that 12k extension and 6k gives still fair extension on top, and some openness as well. It gives it as well a lively engaging vibe in the presentation. However, that 10k dip makes some instruments maybe boxed off to listen to. Like in Jumpin In – Joe Satriani, the guitars is lacking some shine for me.

Cymbals are actually fine, touch thin in the body, but not that much. Still an ok listen. However that dip is a bit too much for my liking. It makes the overall profile of this IEM warm and can be muffled on some tracks.

Technicalities 3.9 Rating – Plays Well in its Price Range

Technicalities, I was expecting more for the Beryllium coated driver, but it does have a touch of speed but this is not a detail monster.

In this price range I will still stick with BA counterparts if you are into detail retreival.

Stage is above average. Separation not that good because of that smooth presentation and big bass, separation is not black and white.

Tonally, pretty good actually, quite natural to listen to, I’d say fairs well with other dynamics in this price range.


Tinhifi T1s IEM Diffused

Tinaudio T1s IEM Diffused
Tinaudio T1s IEM Diffused Measurements

Tinhifi T1s Purple vs Blon 01 Teal

Tinaudio T1S Magenta vs Blon 01 Teal
Tinaudio T1S Magenta vs Blon 01 Teal

Tinhifi T1s Magenta vs Blon 03 Green

Tinaudio T1s Magenta vs Blon 03 Green
Tinaudio T1s Magenta vs Blon 03 Green

Verdict – 3.9 Rating

My Rating

Tinhifi T1s is a love and hate thing for me. I do love the price point and having that beryllium is nice. It has that Blon 03/01 like bass so for bassheads this is definitely a treat, with some micro detail to boot.

However that top-end dip will limit versatility as it can be boxed of to listen to on some tracks. And also has maybe a touch too warm vocal presentation for me that it can muffle some tracks.

This might still be a good pick for bassheads, however overall for me this is not a Top 5 contender in the channel. I would still go with the likes of the Blon 03, or Blon 01 even if I like to have that lowend.

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