Looking to get your own IEM and still considering the pros and cons? These are the Top 5 Reasons Why you Should Own an IEM.

IEMs became a lot more popular recently, especially the last 3 years, with the popularity of the likes of Blon, Tinhifi and Moondrop IEMs, IEM adaptation has gone through the roof and it is for a reason. Here are the my thoughts on the reasons why.

1. Excellent Portability

This is one of the major reasons why I recently switched to IEMs as my daily drivers. I have a headphone collection, quite a selection of headphones in my arsenal. I had no problems bringing big headphones and amps before, but recently my bag became smaller and smaller, and size and weight became a bigger priority in my kit and I needed to update my gear.

IEMs became that solution for me, sure you have smaller drivers on your ears, but you are still getting a lot of sound for the size. Given as well the in-ear fit to your ear, and having drivers closer to your ear, detail and nuance sometime can be heard easier especially on the go.

IEMs won’t still replace bigger cans especially open-backs which are awesome as well, but on the go, open-backs won’t be easy to use ( I tried several times ).

IEMs are the happy balance between both.

tanchjim ola
tanchjim ola

This is the Tanchjim Ola and is one of the best portable ones you can buy. Links below.

Buy Ola from Aliexpress ➡️ https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DmRQV5V
Buy Ola from Shopee➡️ https://shope.ee/2VE88fRtQW

2. Enthusiast Looks

As video is becoming the major medium now to deliver music, more and more people are seeing IEMs on their favorite artists ears and of course it is becoming more and more of a look thing.

IEMs are also still a niche thing, and people like to stand out. While people are getting more and more accustomed to it, you can still go outside and spend the whole day not finding 1 person wearing IEMs.

Of course this is subjective, but for me IEMs still gives you that audio enthusiast look.

photo of man playing electric guitar
Photo by Wendy Wei on Pexels.com

3. Usability and Versatility

I love IEMs usability, you can use them for almost anything. Casual listening, critical listening, live monitoring, instrument monitoring, referencing, gaming, and on stage monitoring as well. Easy to wear outside, because its not bulky as well.

I tried wearing full size cans outside with a big coiled cable, and trust me it can get uncomfortable fast, and I even had an instance where the headphones fell from my head.

With IEMs, you can do more things with it. And given its stability on the ear because of the ear hooks, and breathability as well given its a small IEM, you can do a lot with it.

IMHO one of the most versatile pieces of audio gear you can buy.

One of the more versatile gears, and popular one at that is the Moondrop Aria. Versatile tuning, all rounder, love this thing. Links below.

Buy Aria from Aliexpress : https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DFWfyN9
Buy Aria from Shopee : https://shope.ee/4fIwxaLce0

4. Easier Drivability

Another thing very important is drivability, IEMs have smaller drivers which usually are easier to drive, which means they are easier to drive with just a mobile phone and that is really awesome.

It is harder to drive headphones with a mobile phone, usually its better if you have an amplifier.

IEMs on the other hand, even more expensive ones, you can drive them to a good volume with just a mobile phone. Sure, the noise floor won’t be as good compared to a full proper amp, but at least the volume is going to be there.

IEMs are a good entry point to the audiophile hobby, beginner friendly.

tinhifi p1 max
tinhifi p1 max

5. Great Sound Quality given the Size

Last and the most important is the sound quality, IEMs come in a wide variety of driver types and driver configurations, and literally the fastest growing recently in terms of releases. BA, dynamic drivers, planars, electrostats, single driver, 5 driver 12 drivers, you have an exceptional number of options.

This gives you that freedom to choose the signature that fits you, if you want more detail, if you want bass or warmth, you want soundstage, you want clarity and extension, there is an IEM that will fit you.

And what I like about IEMs is that, even if you get closed headphones, or open-backs in the future, IEMs will still give you a unique sound to the ear so you can still keep in after a long time.

Another really popular one is the Blon 03, easy recommendation and one of most popular. Bassy and fun to listen to, nice vocal. Links below.

Buy Blon 03 from Aliexpress : https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_DDsb6NV
Buy Blon 03 From Shopee: https://shope.ee/6f41LQ16JM


So there you go, this is my Top 5 Reasons why I like IEMs, and why you should consider owning them. Of course there can be a lot more reasons why but these are my top of mind when thinking about this topic.

Of course the audiophile IEM hobby is still growing by the day, and I may update this list in the future, but hopefully this helps you if you are considering IEMs for your next audio gear to buy!

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